Lab Personnel

Image of Aaron Hoskins

Aaron Hoskins

Associate Professor
Aaron is interested in all the projects in the laboratory
Image of Louise


Lab Cat
Image of Agatha


Lab Puppy
Image of Ethan Aubuchon

Ethan Aubuchon

Graduate Student
3rd Year IPiB Grad Student
Image of Hunter Krzysik

Hunter Krzysik

Grad Student
krzysik at wisc dot edu
2nd Year IPIB Student
Image of Kathy Senn

Kathy Senn

Image of Junqiao Zhu

Junqiao Zhu

4th Year IPiB Graduate Student
Image of Ye Liu

Ye Liu

5th Year Biophysics Graduate Student
Image of Karli Lipinski

Karli Lipinski

5th Year Chemistry Graduate Student
Image of Sierra Love

Sierra Love

5th Year Genetics Graduate Student
Image of Josh Paulson

Josh Paulson

Lab Manager (former undergrad)
Image of Henrik Vollmer

Henrik Vollmer

Image of Tyler Chang

Tyler Chang

Undergrad Researcher
Image of Amory Griffin

Amory Griffin

Undergrad Researcher
Image of Marisse Covin

Marisse Covin

Undergraduate Researcher
Image of Ellie Baudhuin

Ellie Baudhuin

Undergraduate Researcher
Image of Frank Marsico

Frank Marsico

Undergraduate Researcher
Image of Brielle Lauber

Brielle Lauber

Undergraduate Researcher
Image of Zach Freedman

Zach Freedman

Undergraduate Researcher
Image of Natalie Zeps

Natalie Zeps


Hoskins Lab Alumni

Image of Fatemehsadat Jamalidinan

Fatemehsadat Jamalidinan

Research Scholar, Postdoc

Postdoc at UW Madison

Image of Sandy Tretbar

Sandy Tretbar


I'm a postdoc with the aim of habilitation at the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Faculty of Medicine, Institute for Medicinal Immunology, group of Prof. Dr. Barbara Seliger, Magdeburger Str. 2, 06112 Halle (Saale)

Image of Jiacui Xu

Jiacui Xu


Associate Professor, Department of Biotechnology, College of Animal Sciences, Jilin University, China

Image of Clarisse van der Feltz

Clarisse van der Feltz


joining the faculty of Northwest University
clarisse d o t vanderfeltz at northwestu d ot edu 

Image of Tucker Carrocci

Tucker Carrocci

grad student

Now a postdoc with Karla Neugebauer at Yale.

Image of Xin Chen

Xin Chen


Xin is a postdoc at Northwestern in the Bao lab.
xin dot chen2 at northwestern d o t edu

Image of Harpreet Kaur

Harpreet Kaur


New mom!

Image of David White

David White


Scientist at Element Biosciences

Image of Joshua Larson

Joshua Larson

grad student

Now a postdoc with Chip Asbury at UW-Seattle.

Image of Alex DeHaven

Alex DeHaven

Grad Student

Center for Open Science
acdehaven9 at g m a i l dot com 

Image of Xingyang Fu

Xingyang Fu

grad student

Postdoc in Yemini Lab at UMass Med School.

Image of Kyle Schaubroeck

Kyle Schaubroeck

grad student

Image of Maggie Rodgers

Maggie Rodgers

grad student

Postdoc with Dr. Sarah Woodson at Johns Hopkins

Image of Sarah Hansen

Sarah Hansen

Grad Student

Postdoc with Brenda Bass at Utah!

Image of Amir Alwan

Amir Alwan


Undergraduate at UW-Madison & long distance running superstar!

Image of Ian Norden

Ian Norden

grad student

Image of Chris DeCiantis

Chris DeCiantis

Staff Scientist

Laboratory manager at Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee

Image of Brent Groubert

Brent Groubert


NIH postbac

Image of Tristan Argall

Tristan Argall


applying to med school

Image of Matt Ashton

Matt Ashton


Preparing to start medical school at Tulane in Fall 2017!

Image of David Beier

David Beier


Scientist at Vanderbilt U.

Image of Cade Harkner

Cade Harkner


ChemBio grad student at U. Michigan

Image of Alana Caldwell

Alana Caldwell


Grad student at Northwestern

Image of Arthur Clark

Arthur Clark


Image of Brandon Jarosch

Brandon Jarosch


Image of George Luo

George Luo


MD/PhD Program at CWRU

Image of Nikolai Grabowski

Nikolai Grabowski


Planning a career in physical therapy. 

nikolaigrabowski1 at gmail dot com

Image of Leon Sun

Leon Sun


Entering the MD/PhD program at BU!

Image of Hannah Mast

Hannah Mast


Graduate program in environmental science at U. Virginia

Image of Jack McCann

Jack McCann


Attending graduate school in chemistry at UC Berkeley

Image of Brandon Nikolai

Brandon Nikolai


Starting a career at Exact Sciences

Image of Joey Kwong

Joey Kwong


getting married soon and graduating in May 2022!

Image of Megan Waibel

Megan Waibel


Beginning the PharmD program at U. Minnesota in 2016! Good luck!

Image of Brexton Turner

Brexton Turner


Will be starting medical school at Medical College of Wisconsin in Fall 2017!

Image of Hannah Poe

Hannah Poe


Biotech in Chicago

Image of Charlie Schneider

Charlie Schneider


Working in biotech on east coast.

Image of Yichen Sun

Yichen Sun


Working in IT in SF

Image of Brad Shepherd

Brad Shepherd


Image of Nate Jakowski

Nate Jakowski

Undergraduate Researcher, 2011-2013

Pharmacist at WellCare Health Plans in Tampa Florida

Image of Doug Zoerner

Doug Zoerner


Resident in neurosurgery at U. Kentucky ( douglas dot zoerner a t uky dot edu )

Image of Lukas Voigts

Lukas Voigts


Working in biotech in Madison area.

Image of Ross Laurent

Ross Laurent

Undergraduate Researcher, 2012-2013

Medical student at UW

Image of Michael Lampe

Michael Lampe